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Beating the Heat at Dhanolti


Journey So far :-

We were done enjoying the beautiful Chopta-Chandrashilla trek and now it was time to move on, BUT WHERE ? SHOULD WE MOVE TOWARDS AULI OR TOWARDS RISHIKESH ? This was the toughest question in front of us.

As per our original plan, we were to move to Auli but due to time limitation, there was a fair chance that we’ll not be able to make it to Delhi on time to catch our train to home. Since girls were also with us, we didn’t had any option of missing our train as reservations for next few days weren’t available. So, after consulting few locals, we decided to move towards Rishikesh via Dhanolti and Mussorie.

This was our modified route -


So, after finally deciding which route to take, we started from Chopta at around 8 AM and reached Dhanolti Via Tehri and Chamba at around 8 in the night. We took a short halt at Tehri to view Tehri lake and Tehri dam, other than this, the journey till Dhanolti was a continuous one.
We reached Dhanolti only to find out that, due to peak tourist season, majority of the hotels were full and the ones those have vacant rooms were very costly. But, since, there wasn’t any other option, we bargained a little bit and rented two rooms for 6 people and called it a night.

Next morning, before leaving for Mussorie, we enjoyed the beautiful landscapes and Eco-parks of Dhanolti.
Needless to say, Dhanolti is not a very much developed hill station as there is nothing much to see besides two Eco-parks but if you are looking to spend time amidst hills without any distraction, just to forget your city life and daily chores for a while, to spend time doing nothing, then you must stop at Dhanolti. With Calm and clear skies, perfect weather, beautiful hills all around, Dhanolti might be a perfect getaway for you.
Even during the peak season with all hotels full, Dhanolti was very calm, serene. It wasn’t crowded at all, at least not on the streets, like other major hill stations during peak (summer) season.

Now, let the photos do rest of the talking :)

Tehri Lake

Tehri Dam